Risk Mitigation in Supply Chains

Reduce risks and ensure confidence in your supply chain with the most trusted and used risk assessments and solutions in the industry

AegisWard® assists clients in reducing the risks associated with supply chain management so they can focus on their business and day-to-day operations with ease.

Many companies in emerging markets maintain limited compliance standards and can potentially be hotspots for various aspects of unethical business activity with reputational or even legal consequences.

Our risk mitigation solutions create visibility across the regulatory landscape, ensure trust in your supply chain to both internal users and end customers, and enable you to build a reliable supply chain operation while saving time, resources, and gaining peace of mind.

Over the past few years, AegisWard® has become one of the leading global companies performing trustworthy supplier risk assessments. We are one of the few companies preferred by dozens of public companies to manage risks in their supply chains and perform risk assessments on their suppliers and vendors.

AegisWard® is a global leader in innovative supplier and business partner risk assessment programs that help companies reduce their exposure to business risk.

You can find our supply chain risk mitigation solutions below:

Our supplier mapping and risk management solution for supply chains with more than 500 suppliers.

The most reliable supplier risk assessments on the market. 

Real and solid risk mitigation in supply chains. 

AegisWard® has completed hundreds of thousands of risk assessments / supplier risk audits in several industries.

Supplier ESG compliance assessments.

Trust Center solution for suppliers / SMEs that seek to demonstrate legal, labor and tax compliance.

Compliance Never Sleeps.®