ESG Advisory Services

Comprehensive Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability is much more than environmental education, social responsibility and altruism.

Sustainability or sustainable development encompasses three dimensions: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Sustainable development issues are increasingly relevant for companies and their interest groups (stakeholders). Currently, sustainability must be a generator of value and impact that helps identify and manage risks/opportunities in environmental, social and economic aspects for its stakeholders.

Sustainability in all its aspects is one of the greatest opportunities of the decade to connect with customers and stakeholders in a meaningful way. Over the past 15 to 20 years, many companies have made random acts of sustainability or social responsibility, however, the current purpose is to help think about ESG holistically, foster growth on sustainable foundations, and tell a more complete story about their efforts in this regard.

In response to the demand for compliance evaluation and monitoring of responsible actions focused on sustainable corporate development, AegisWard® offers different specialized advisory services in comprehensive sustainability (ESG) to support clients identify areas of opportunity in the sustainable performance of their organization, adopt sustainable and inclusive growth, adapt and align internal processes and initiatives to international sustainability reporting standards, as well as monitor and communicate progress towards organizational objectives.

We can help your ESG initiatives generate comprehensive value and real impact.

You can find our ESG advisory solutions below:

Our independent diagnostic solution on corporate general sustainability compliance (ESG).

Our comprehensive sustainability advisory solution for corporations that need external communication of their sustainable culture (annual sustainability reports).

Our specialized advisory solution for the development, strategy and implementation of sustainable supply chains.

Our solution for the reduction and compensation of emissions linked to business operations.

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