Our Company

AegisWard® is a global business organization that offers compliance verification services, supply chain risk advisory and business consulting.

Since 2011, AegisWard® has used advanced technology, specialized knowledge and global capabilities to offer the highest quality services to clients of all sizes in a variety of industries and countries.

We are backed by years of experience, satisfied clients and private equity capital.

Our main objective is to become the most reliable business ally in terms of compliance verification, supply chain risk mitigation and cost optimization around the world.

Work, Trust and Experience

AegisWard® recognizes the distinctive character of each client so we offer personalized services and innovative solutions that allow clients to face their challenges with confidence.

We deliver high-quality results and consistently outstanding reports, it's no wonder thousands of clients from small businesses to Fortune 100® companies rely on AegisWard® supply chain risk advisory and compliance verification services.

Reliable High Quality Services

Whether you are looking for quality assurance audits, corporate due diligence, compliance assessments of your supply chain or specialized consulting, AegisWard® has your compliance and risk management needs covered.

We help companies remain strong, reliable and in control of their operations and their business partners, simultaneously minimizing their risks and providing continuous improvement of the compliance process that guarantees standardization and increases their profits.

We manage, validate and monitor millions of data points daily, but our mission is simple: Deliver with attention to detail a real benefit to impact customers' decision-making process.

Complete Customer Service

AegisWard's unique capabilities combine to create highly value-added services that enable timely delivery of relevant information regarding risk mitigation, compliance and costs optimization globally.

Our executive and operations team has years of corporate experience in risk management and consulting services. We support each client with a dedicated team of professionals who are responsible for the success of their assigned solutions.

Our executive committee has attended the best universities in the world (Ivy League) and has an average of 20 years of experience working in Fortune 50 companies.


The AegisWard® Advantage 

AegisWard® Advantage

Experienced Team

Our team has extensive professional experience, academic preparation in the best universities worldwide and continuous training.

AegisWard® Advantage

Reliable & Accurate

The accurate and reliable information companies obtain from our solutions support key business definitions that allow continuous improvement.

AegisWard® Advantage

Optimized Process

Our global scale has allowed us to create optimized processes supported by ML/AI in order to minimize response times in our operation.

AegisWard® Advantage

Secure Platforms

Our technological platforms are among the most secure in the industry, with certifications and security ratings even higher than those of banking institutions.

Compliance Never Sleeps.®