ETHICSWARD® is a comprehensive system that through a secure and reliable platform, allows us to receive and follow up on employee suggestions, complaints and anonymous reports derived from acts contrary to the law and internal policies and codes.

Our solution not only allows us to build trust among employees to report irregularities to an independent and reliable third party that will follow up on the report, but it also allows us to identify and prevent acts related to irregularities, unethical conduct, labor abuse and corruption.

The AegisWard® Advantage 

AegisWard® Advantage

Experienced Team

Our team has extensive professional experience, academic preparation in the best universities worldwide and continuous training.

AegisWard® Advantage

Reliable & Accurate

The accurate and reliable information companies obtain from our solutions support key business definitions that allow continuous improvement.

AegisWard® Advantage

Optimized Process

Our global scale has allowed us to create optimized processes supported by ML/AI in order to minimize response times in our operation.

AegisWard® Advantage

Secure Platforms

Our technological platforms are among the most secure in the industry, with certifications and security ratings even higher than those of banking institutions.

Compliance Never Sleeps.®